AV Buddy Pro is a new advanced version for the iPad. Train your staff with easy to understand descriptions of AV equipment and termination practices. Site Survey forms, AV Buddy's new forum link, Quick Pins, Test videos, advanced calculators and much more.
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The main menu is split into 5 sections. The first section and the Video Section.

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The Audio and Control sections.

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and the Control and AV Tools sections.

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The Site Survey menu. Save 6 Site Surveys with different information in each.

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The Site Survey form allows you to input information collected by you on site. The Client details, Site details and Site notes.

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The Room details, Room Dimensions and Installation notes with the ability to take a photo or load a photo from your iPad library.

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and a section for a second photo.

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Once completed the Site Survey can be saved to your photo library. Then you can from site email the completed form or print.

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The next section, QuickPins. Allows you to view pinouts for AV Connectors, quickly.

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Shown above is he DB9 section.

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The Video Section includes termination guides for Video connectors. Train your staff or your self on AV termination. Above you can see the VGA guide.

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VGA Step 1.

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VGA Step 2.

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VGA Step 3.

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VGA Step 4.

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and VGA Step 5.

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The Audio Section also includes termination guides for audio connectors. Above is the TRS section.

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The audio section includes a Audio Interconnection guide too.

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The control section includes a termination guide for RJ45 connectors.

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Plus a detailed control section on the workings of control equipment.

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Use the matrix switcher to send the various inputs to the displays.

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AV Buddy Pro also includes a room control example for training of your staff.

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The last section 'AV Tools' includes a section of 34 calculators. Calculators for Projectors, Displays, Audio plus a unit convertor, ohms law, resistor calc, heat load and 512 DMX calc. Above you can see the Audio Section.

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This is one of the projector throw calculators.

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The H & V display calculator.

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The ceiling speaker spacing and amp power calculator.

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The audio testing section includes audio test files. Brown, White, Pink Sweep, Saw, Sine, Triangle, Square, Tone in, Tone out, Rumble in and Rumble out. The Brown to Square files have Left, Center and Right audio files. A Left & Right audio video is also included and 3 Left & Right timers.

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The speaker section includes descriptions on construction of speakers. Ideal for staff training.

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The projector section describes the inner workings of different types of projectors.

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The Video test pattern section includes 24 test patterns. Use the Video out adaptor for the iPad and connect to a display to test.

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A test video is also included.

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Above you can see the SPL section with the ability to save a screen shot to your iPad photo library.

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Train your staff on Aspect ratios

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and on different types of displays.

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Here you can see the Microphone polar pattern section.

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AV Buddy Pro also includes a link to the new Forum internet site.

Click on the Apple app store icon to navigate to the AV Buddy Pro page.
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